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Embark on a luminous journey with Conditioned Light, founded by Dr. Levent Sahin, where expertise converges in research, design, and education services.

Our Mission

At Conditioned Light, we are dedicated to leveraging over two decades of expertise in human-light interaction to pioneer evidence-based design interventions. Our mission is to enhance human health, cognitive performance, and overall well-being in the built environment through innovative lighting solutions. Rooted in a history of impactful research and publications, we strive to translate scientific discoveries into real-world applications, creating healthier environments for diverse populations.

Our Vision

At the forefront of the human-light interaction field, our vision is to continually advance lighting research and design services. We aim to lead the way in delivering evidence-based lighting solutions that positively impact human health and well-being. By fostering a culture of creativity and scientific excellence, we envision a future where our contributions improve the lives of individuals across various sectors, including shift workers, military personnel, and the elderly with Alzheimer's disease.


Dr. Sahin, the visionary founder and head of research at Conditioned Light, epitomizes over two decades of dedication to unraveling the intricate relation between light and human experience. As a distinguished research scientist and lighting design professional, Dr. Sahin's career has been a testament to his unwavering commitment to understanding the profound impact of light on diverse populations.In his extensive portfolio, Dr. Sahin has delved into both the visual and non-visual effects of light, tailoring his groundbreaking research to benefit various groups, including students, shift workers, military personnel, and the elderly facing cognitive impairments. His meticulous approach has yielded not only profound scientific insights but also evidence-based applications that have garnered acclaim through numerous highly cited publications in leading peer-reviewed technical and scientific journals.

Dr. Sahin's academic journey is adorned with a Ph.D. from the esteemed Lighting Research Center, coupled with an MSc in Industrial Product Design.


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At Conditioned Light, our integrated approach seamlessly weaves together the realms of cutting-edge research, avant-garde design, and transformative education. With a foundation rooted in over two decades of expertise, we transcend traditional boundaries to redefine the role of light in human experience. Our services go beyond aesthetics, encompassing comprehensive research methodologies, innovative lighting design solutions, and empowering educational programs. Explore the dynamic intersections of light and well-being with our distinct services tailored to enrich diverse environments.


Transforming ideas into actionable research plans, ensuring a strong foundation for innovative projects.
Literature Review
Conducting comprehensive reviews to situate research within the broader context, fostering informed and impactful contributions.
Research Proposals and Grant Writing
Crafting compelling proposals and grant applications to secure funding for pioneering research endeavors.
Experimental Design and Management
Devising robust experimental frameworks and overseeing their implementation to gather meaningful data.
Data Collection and Statistical Analysis
Executing precise data collection methodologies and employing advanced statistical analyses to extract meaningful insights.
Manuscript Development
Guiding the progression from research findings to impactful publications, ensuring clear and influential dissemination of knowledge.



Cutting-Edge Lighting Design
Pushing the boundaries of conventional design, our services encompass avant-garde approaches to lighting that extend beyond mere aesthetics.
Holistic Approach
We transcend the visual aspects of lighting, delving into the non-visual impacts to create comprehensive and impactful design solutions.
Innovative Technologies and Environments
Pioneering the integration of innovative lighting technologies into environments, our designs contribute to spaces that foster well-being and elevate cognitive performance.
Virtual and Immersive Environment Generation
Embracing the future of design, we specialize in crafting virtual and immersive environments where lighting becomes an integral part of an engaging and transformative experience.
Tailored Solutions for Diverse Spaces
Whether it's crafting environments for commercial spaces, revolutionizing transportation systems, or optimizing healthcare facilities, our design solutions are meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.



Sharing for Positive Change
At Conditioned Light, our commitment to education stems from the belief that sharing knowledge is a catalyst for positive change.
Empowering Through Educational Programs
We go beyond traditional approaches with educational programs, workshops, and training sessions designed to empower individuals with a deep understanding of the nuanced relationship between light and human well-being.
Intricate Relationship Exploration
Our initiatives aim to unravel the intricate dynamics between light and human well-being, providing participants with insights that can be transformative for both personal and professional environments.
Resource Dissemination
Through accessible media outlets, we actively contribute to the dissemination of information. Our goal is to empower individuals with knowledge that plays a pivotal role in creating healthier, more productive environments.


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